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Our Story


Caleb was an incredible individual who left us far too soon.  In honor of his memory, Caleb’s Family created Caleb’s Assist.  This non-profit organization was born from the idea of celebrating the way Caleb lived his life.  By channeling his compassion for others and love of sports, Caleb’s Assist will provide opportunities in athletics to Greater Tucson youth who may otherwise not be able to participate.

While still in diapers, Caleb embraced the game of golf.  By the age of three he was able to play a full 18 holes alongside adults, sometimes beating them.  In his short time with us, he expanded his repertoire to include Parkour, Horseback Riding, Basketball, Bowling and his favorite, Soccer.  Part of the RSL Southern Arizona Soccer Club he was a focused, determined player who had as much fun off the field as he did on, with his teammates and friends.  Caleb was the type of friend who would stay late on the field after his own games to watch and cheer on others, including his ultimate, forever best friend, Marcus.

A student at Sonoran Science Academy, Caleb was well known for his quick wit, daredevil spirit, unique fashion choices and dessert negotiation skills.  He was an old soul who held wisdom beyond his years.  In addition to his athletic skill and academic accomplishments he was a young altruist.  Recently having participated in a humanitarian mission in Mexico and having volunteered at the annual Dorm Bash at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, he tried to help others whenever possible.

His family and friends have come together to provide a resource for children who might share the same passions that Caleb did.  Caleb’s Assist will provide financial scholarships to youth athletes for the purpose of helping address the costs associated with sports participation, including but not limited to, monies for registration, tournaments, equipment, coaching and travel. Additionally the organization will help connect children with tutoring resources for those needing additional academic support.  

We believe athletics to be a positive and key component in youth development.  It is through Caleb’s Assist that Caleb’s family and friends will be be able to create a legacy in the name of an amazing little boy.  




Caleb Ryan Hatch – Love lasts forever. - #18

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